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2008-05-12 03:52 pm

[PICSPAM] Kamenashi Kazuya's waist & hips

Yep, you read it right :P Picspam of Kamenashi Kazuya's waist and hips :P Because they turn me on too much @.@ Because I can't stop looking at them @.@ Because they deserve more people looking at them.

Warning! The post is image heavy~
There are 69 pictures, in a some kind of a cronological order.

Background info: according to 2008 06 Wink Up, Kame's waistline is 65 centimeters now. (EDIT: Wink Up also says that Kame's stomach-area grew recently so their info is not accurate) Compare the pics below to this @__@

Kame Kame~ )
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2007-11-21 01:09 pm

[PICSPAM] Kamenashi Kazuya's tummy


I decided a few days ago that I would make a picspam dedicated to Kame's tummy so here it is now.

I tried to keep a cronological order XD

Have fun and enjoy the sight and... well... drool over the smexiness and cuteness that is Kame's belly.

Tummy evolution! )